VectorBit is growing day by day introducing new tools for the VW community. To handle the increase of items, the new web structure is designed to be more clear, arranging all the plugins in three different zones:

Free tools contain most of the tools & menus that were available as freeware in the past.

Donationware is meant to be a more fair approach to all registered users and the few guys who donated some money to the VectorBits cause.
Access to new plugins and scripts in this zone is gained when you buy any plugin or donate a minimum of 10 euros.

VectorBits Plugins are what I consider my best bits of code, with prices ranging from 20 to 30 Euros.

At this time, I am also introducing updated plugins compatible with VW 12.5.

Upgrade will be free for all users who bought their plugins in 2006. For older acquisitions upgrade fee is set at halve the price of the plugin.

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